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Revision.fwassessment3.fwWe all know that images are very powerful. TV advertisers know that for sure! Using the power of advertising as a metaphor, this workshop demonstrates to students how they can maximise creativity and make use of images, colour, humour, music and stories to act as an aid memoirs for their studies. The students learn and practice with several tools to make revision and home learning, if not exactly fun, a little less painful!

  • Includes revision Tools: Simple, effective tools to help students study and revise.
  • Recall of key facts: Includes a detailed look a tools to enhance memory and recall.
  • Use of NLP based tools to accelerate learning and make studying easier.
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EmployabilitySkills.fwA lively and engaging workshop which includes activities around personal branding, career goals, writing CVs, cover letters and interview skills.

Recently delivered as part of the Connect Dacorum team.

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Longdean School Employability Skills

Employability workshop at Longdean School




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A few words from delighted schools

Pupils said:

“I think this is a very exciting workshop and I think that I would want to do it for a whole week. It is the best course I have ever done. I really enjoyed learning about my brain. Thank you a lot for doing this course.”

“Everything was fun, we did cool stuff.”

“This course was a great experience and was definitely more than I expected. We learnt skills which are all fundamental in life and I think everyone should do the same. Would definitely recommend this course.”

KS3 teachers said:

“Nice balance of fun and learning. The pupils responded well and the delivery was well presented and suitable for the levels are pupils are currently at.”