About Me



Simon Stillman - Life CoachHi I’m Simon. So this is the bit where I get to tell you a little about me. (Always nice to talk about yourself), but seriously I generally don’t talk much about myself because of course as a coach the focus is always on my clients and getting the best results I can for them.  However I can see that knowing a bit about my background and experience would be helpful so here goes.

At an interview recently I was asked to describe in one word how others see me (boy I hate those tricky interview questions!) but I answered without hesitation, “Enthusiasm”. I believe that we can only succeed in areas we are truly enthusiastic about. I have therefore tried to follow my own advice and put 100% into any task I feel is worthwhile. My passions at an early age were the biological sciences. I formalised this interest by obtaining a degree and PhD in the biological sciences. This interest continued as I built my science career as a senior manager in R and D within the health care sector. It was then time for the next step, and take a leap of faith to set up my own coaching consultancy focussing on team building and coaching workshops for managers. I quickly realised that I also had a drive to work within the Education sector and therefore I designed and delivered empowering programmes for young people. It is exciting to see young people realise how unique they are and that they can succeed with the right tools and a can do attitude.

Today you will come across me working across the education sector and business coaching individuals to help them maximise their performance or running group workshops in schools and colleges.

So do enjoy this site and if you would like to know more about my services please contact me.